Back in 1939, when Bob Kane and Bill Finger created the Batman character, no one could have anticipated the global phenomenon it would become. Comic books, TV shows, cartoons, movies – they have been a staple of kids’ lives for over 70 years. The movies alone have become a billion-dollar industry, with everyone from George Clooney to Christian Bale to Ben Affleck donning the cowl.

But something truly incredible happened this week, you may have seen the news article or watched the video. A young boy from San Francisco, in remission from leukemia, was granted his heart’s desire from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Five-year old Miles Scott’s wish was to battle bad guys with Batman – and the city of San Francisco came through with an amazing display of generosity – and melodrama.

Patricia Wilson, of the Foundation, arranged to have Miles save the city, now transformed into Gotham City, alongside his caped hero. Hundreds of people volunteered to help, and many more turned out to cheer Miles on as he swooped from one dilemma to the next, saving damsels and arresting villains.

The pictures tell the story: a little boy’s wish came true, thanks to some incredibly good people, and a cartoon that was created a lifetime ago.