Vikas Kumar is CEO of Digitoonz, an animation house specializing in Flash, 2D, 3D and and motion-comic animation from its home base in Noida, about 12 miles outside of New Delhi.

Your company, Digitoonz, works on many international properties. Are there some themes or story lines that are common to most countries? Do you find that children are children pretty much the same, with similar interests and concerns?

“Digitoonz works on entertainment content for all age groups. We are developing the content for different countries and cultures. These shows are based on almost same themes, aiming to provide knowledge with fun & entertainment. About kids interests and concerns, I would like to say that yes, kids are kids and they love humor and fun. The stories¬†may relate to their own unique environments and things around them so that they can relate themselves to the story, but the basic ingredient ¬†is always fun and humor.”

When Digitoonz starts working on a new show, do you sit down with the creators and discuss things like culture, humor and style?

“Yes, actually this is very important. Our creative team communicates with Creators and Producers of the show to understand their thoughts behind the story, the key points of the story which we will need to keep in mind while working on it. Producers of shows also visit the studio during the production and spend time with whole team.”

Does every show have to be watchable in every country for it to be successful? Or is it possible for a show to focus on a particular region and still find global acceptance?

“Shows should be acceptable globally to be successful worldwide if it will relate itself to audience world e.g. kids’ fantasy world, which remain almost same irrespective of place, region & boundaries. Then it would be acceptable globally — even though some shows gain huge success in one country or region and still find overall success. A show featuring a soccer player will get good audience in soccer playing countries.”

Do you find the tastes of global broadcaster is shifting toward more diversity?

“Yes, broadcaster taste is shifting toward more variety. There was a time when most of the shows were based on traditional stories and on specific style, but now we can see shows based on many unique themes. You can find lots of shows with sci-fi stories and more interactive shows. You may also find the medium of content from 2d & 3d to mix media. We are watching these varieties in content & medium now because of their wide acceptance by broadcasters.”

What, in your opinion, makes for a solidly entertaining show for kids?

“Story and representation of the story are key point to make a entertaining show. The other features which are also very important are characters, colors and music. Music keep the kids connected with the show.”

Do you see Digitoonz developing its own projects in-house? Or do you prefer to tackle the production tasks for outside projects?

“Yes of course! Digitoonz is planning to develop its own projects. We are working as co-producers also on two shows and we will continue the production task for outside projects too.”